Tasty Wok Restaurant

5 Feb


Thursday, February 3rd was the Chinese New Year, the Rabbit year. To celebrate it we decided to go to a genuine Chinese restaurant located into China town. There are so many restaurants there that it is hard to choose one. The menu look similar and prices go up and down depending of the decoration and comfort of the place. Randomly we entered into one restaurant, the picture on the walls shown traditional dishes, roasted duck, spicy chicken, dumplings… A waitress came and recommended us the specialties of the house.  We followed her advice.

To drink Jaume had the cold milk tea for 50 PHP. Taste very similar to Indian chai but without spices. Quite good, we both like it.

I had a almond jelly drink. It looks more like a desert than a drink. Three quart of the glace was filled with pieces of homemade almond jelly, very sweet but very tasty. The rest was water, ice and some syrup. I could not finish is as it was too heavy for a drink. 50 PHP.

 A young waiter brought us the Shanghai noodles, flat noodles with  some pieces of chicken and vegetables The tomato sauce used to cook it gave it a taste of  spaghettis. I’d say it is a very regular dish, but for 85 PHP you cannot expect too much.

To continue we had chicken with a tuber served with sauce of a coconut milk and thin slides of ginger. Was the first time we ate this tuber, it has the texture of a buttered potatoes. It was good but there was too less chicken and too much tuber. 220 PHP


And last we had some shrimp dumpling  for 70 PHP served with black vinegar. I was missing some ginger and/or herbs, flavourless.

We had a nice diner, cheap and not bad, one of those restaurants you can easily find in China town.

Tasty Wok Restaurant
832 Benavidez street


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